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April 17, 2010
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Megatron: Today I'm going to teach you flesh creatures how to cook!


Step 1: Ask if anyone is hungry.

Megatron: Barricade, do you want something to eat?

Barricade: No.

Megatron: Soundwave?

Soundwave: Negative.

Megatron: Starscream?

Starscream: nope.

Megatron: Fine, I'll go ask the Autobots!

*at Autobot base*

Optimus: Megatron? *goes into battle stance* what are you doing here?

Megatron: *out of breath* do second...............okay, do you want something to eat?

Optimus: Not really...

Megatron: what?!

Optimus: I mean, I guess I am sort of hungry, maybe some energon cupcakes....

Megatron: Yes! I'm gonna make you a grill cheese sandwich!

*flies away*

Optimus: Ummm, okay, you do that.

Ironhide: was that Megatron?

Optimus: Yeah. I'm gonna go recharge now though, I think half my processor just died.

Step 2: Prepare ingredients and supplies for meal.

Megatron: Bonecrusher, do we have any cheese slices?!


Megatron: Nevermind, I found them!!!!

Bonecrusher: *shakes head slowly* and they say I'm the stupid one.

Megatron: okay, so I have bread, butter, cheese, a pan, and an oven.....and a fire extinguisher, just in case.

Step 3: Turn on Stove.

Megatron: *looking at buttons* okay, let's try this button *pushes button*

*red light goes on*

Megatron: ummmmmm, was that the right button? *presses another button*

*red light starts flashing*

Megatron: Holy Primus, it's a bomb, it's a bomb, it's a bomb!!!!

Starscream: *runs in* Lord Megatorn, what's wrong?!

Megatron: *points at oven* IT'S A BOMB!

Starscream: *walks over to oven and clicks a button* what are you trying to do?

Megatron: put the stove on.

Starscream: you have to press this button. *points at button*

Megatron: oh *clicks button* good job Starscream, this almost makes up for when you refused to be a towel! *smacks Starscream on the back*

Starscream: *stumbles into wall* owww.....

Step 4: Start making sandwich.

Megatron: *drops bread* Frag, I was almost done buttering too. *picks up bread and then the knife* okay now- *knife slips* Soundwave HELP!

Soundwave: *walks in* wahttt???

Megatron: I have butter fingerrrsss!!! Helpppp!!!!

Soundwave: *facepalm*

Step 5: Start to ACTUALLY cook .

Megatron: *gently lifts sandwich* everyone shut up *puts sandwich on pan*

Barricade: we weren't talking.

Megatron: I, Lord Megatorn-

Starscream: Megatron Megatron!

Megatron: what is it?

Starscream: Ravage is-


Megatron: *looks around* what the frag is that?

Starscream: it doesn't matter, Ravage is-

Megatron: NOOOO!!!!! *runs over to oven* Why?!?!

*sandwich on fire*

Megatron: *takes out fire extinguisher* my poor, poor sandwich! *puts out fire*

Starscream: ugh. nevermind, Barricade, come help me get the cat-nip from Ravage!

Megatron: *hugs burnt sandwich* we had such good memories. *sniff* sandwichhhhh *has flashback*

Soundwave: WTF?!

~Later on~

Optimus: *looking at burnt sandwich* uhhh, Megatron....?

Megatron: don't worry! I THINK it's still edible!

Optimus: *takes a bite* *gulp* y-yeah, it's s-still good *smiles*

Megatron: YAY! I, Lord Megatron, have made a delectable EDIBLE sandwich! *flies away*

Optimus: *gags and starts choking* I-Ironhide!

Ironhide: Optimus!

Optimus: *twitch* I t-think *coughs* my t-t-tanks h- *coughs* hate me n-now *throws up*
second of 'House cleaning with Megatron series'
I gots the third but I is too lazy to types it...
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AutobotJazz01 Mar 31, 2011
That is so funny good job
I'm workin' on another one.
AutobotJazz01 Mar 31, 2011

I think all parts of my digestive tract just committed a collective suicide from the mere idea... This just might be Megatron's only working plan on killing all the Autobots.

Poor Ratchet is going to have a Pit-load of food poisoning victims in the next few... however-long-it-takes-for-Megatron-to-cook-enough-spoilt-food-for-the-Autobots-s ;D
Maybe I should do a part 2....
Ratch would kill ya. ;) Or, more aptly said, ATTEMPT to kill ya. I'd definitely protect you, because this deserves a sequel! :)
Okie dokie!^^
I'll do a part 2 then!
5300TF Jul 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
:rofl: This was fantastically funny!
FanOfAkatsuki Apr 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, Megs as a cook >D Nice one.
thanks. Next one is him and Starscream tryin' to make bracelets.
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